Have you heard about the Brekkulegan 2025? Now all scouts get to experience a new Brekkulega.

Brekkulegan, as it was called, was the first major camp of the KFUM scouts on the Faroe Islands with representatives from all the Nordic countries and England.

International scout camps haven’t been particularly common on the Faroe Islands, but one stood out. In 1983, the so-called Brekkulegan took place. The camp was located at Brekkur in Leirvík from June 28 to July 3. Around 400 scouts attended, and many were from other countries.

Brekkulegan has left a special mark on the entire community of Leirvík, especially on those who attended the camp. If you mention Brekkulegan, we can be sure that they all have a description of how good and well-regarded the camp was. A camp that nestled into the hearts of all the scouts.

After a whole 42 years, Brekkulegan will finally return! We are very excited and proud to announce that Brekkulegan will be back in 2025. Our goal is to create a camp that has a special charm and is at least as good as Brekkulegan in 1983. We will invest plenty of time and energy into the camp to ensure it becomes an outstanding experience for all participants.

Preparations for the camp are now well underway. Yesterday, we had a meeting with the municipality of Eysturkommuna, where we discussed the camp and how the municipality could be involved. It was a good meeting, and the municipality showed great interest!

We look forward to seeing everyone and, most importantly, allowing the new scouts to experience one of the best camps!