Practical information

The weather in the Faroe Islands

The weather in the Faroe Islands differs significantly from that of most other countries. While it may be summer, hot weather cannot be guaranteed, making it essential to pack warm clothing. With rain falling on approximately 300 days a year, we’ll likely experience some precipitation during the camp. Therefore, we strongly advise bringing suitable rainwear.

The weather conditions in the Faroe Islands can present challenges, so we recommend all visitors arrive no later than the 30th of July. More details about this are mentioned in “Travel“. Additionally, some activities are weather-dependent, and there may be some changes to them while the camp is. You will be able to see more about that at “Activities“.

What should I bring?

As Brekkulegan is a scout camp where we sleep in tents, it’s not suitable to bring a suitcase. Instead, please bring a scout rucksack that meets your needs. It may also be advisable to have a rain cover for your rucksack, ensuring your belongings stay dry even when it’s raining. We recommend bringing warm, high-quality clothing and don’t forget to pack rainwear.

What’s Included in the Camp Price?

When you pay for the camp, you’ve covered your most basic needs, leaving only extra spending money required.

The following items are included in the payment:

International Service Team – IST

The IST members have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided by the kitchen, or they may opt for lunchboxes if they are not located on the campsite. Additionally, the IST will be accommodated indoors and will not sleep in tents during the camp.

Patrol Work Structure

Scouts will work within their patrols, and participants will have their designated camp area where they set up their tents, pioneer their entrance portal, and decorate their area according to their preferences.

Culture day

One of the days during the camp will be designated as “Culture Day,” where all scouts are encouraged to showcase something unique from their homeplace, country, city, or town. This could include:

Swapping Badges and Neckerchiefs

During such camps, it’s common for scouts to bring along badges that they can trade with other scouts from different parts of the world. Additionally, you might have an extra neckerchief that you’d like to exchange with another scout.