The story behind Brekkulegan

There haven’t been many international scout camps in the Faroe Islands, but one stands out: Brekkulegan. Held from June 28th to July 3rd in 1983, this camp, situated in Leirvík, gathered around 400 scouts from various countries. It was organized by the KFUM scout group in the Faroe Islands, along with representatives from every Nordic country and England. 

Though information about Brekkulegan is scarce, a video made on the camp exists. Brekkulegan made a significant impact on Leirvík, especially for those who experienced it firsthand. Mentioning the camp elicits fond memories from those who attended, describing it as a cherished experience. Brekkulegan was a camp that every scout held dear to their heart.

After 42 years, the time has come for another Brekkulega! We’re proud and excited to announce its return, aiming to recreate the popularity of the original. We’re thrilled to have older scouts who participated in Brekkulegan helping us and eager to provide new participants with an unforgettable experience