The KFUM (i.e. YMCA) scouts in Leirvík is a part of the worldwide scout movement with 30+ million Scouts in 160+ countries. International Scouting is aimed at creating an understanding of other cultures as well as promoting peace and tolerance through our common understanding of the Scouting Aims and Principles.

The KFUM scouts in the Faroe Islands is a scout association with around 900 members. There are around 30+ million scouts worldwide. The KFUM scouts in the Faroe Islands is affiliated with The World Organization of The Scout Movement (WOSM), which organizes scouting at a global level.

The KFUM scouts in the Faore Islands was created in 1939 and is run in accordance with the aim, principles and method of WOSM and the association’s own aim.

This page give you an insight into the purpose, vision and history of the KFUM-scouts. You can also read about the idea and visions of scouting.

International Scouting involves relationships with other National Scout Organisations (NSOs) around the world. These relationships involve international events and projects, the Scouts International Student Exchange (SISEP), Jamboree On The Air / Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA/JOTI), and the Pen-Pal Program. International Scouting is also about developing Scouts’ awareness of their place within the worldwide Movement.

As scouts we greet with three fingers, one of which represents the ‘duty to God’. The two other fingers represent the duty to other people and the duty to self. This greeting is used by scouts all over the world.

The KFUM-Scouts in Leirvík, created in 1962, is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Faroe Islands.

One of the aims of the KFUM-Scouts is to ‘let children and young people meet the Christian gospel. The Scout Promise reads: ‘I promise to do my best to listen to the word of God’. We will give our scouts the chance to meet the Christian word through our work, but it is also important to us that there is a dialogue between leaders and scouts that allows for both faith and doubt.